Siemens Power Generation is to supply a total of 17 wind turbines for three repowering projects in Germany.

Seven 3.6 MW machines will replace 15 aging wind turbines at the Marienkoog project, operated by Bürgerwindpark Galmsbüll. With an installed capacity of over 50 MW, this project will be the largest wind farm in Germany when it begins commercial operation, scheduled for mid-2007.

In addition, seven 2.3 MW turbines will be supplied to the Norderhof wind park in the North Frisian area, in Schleswig-Holstein, also operated by Bürgerwindpark.

A further three 2.3 MW turbines are to be installed in Bremerhaven, at the Weddewarden wind park, replacing four small units and increasing capacity from 2 MW to nearly 7 MW.