UK's leading renewable energy trade association, RenewableUK, deposed before the country’s lawmakers to support the passage of the new Energy Bill that envisages greater share of cleaner, renewable power generation in the country.

The bill stipulates a new financial framework for the energy sector in the coming years while providing better value-for-money for power consumers.

RenewableUK chief executive Maria McCaffery and deputy chief executive Maf Smith appeared before the House of Commons Energy Bill Committee to highlight a number of key issues that need addressing if the bill is to be passed by the end of 2013.

"Outstanding elements of the Bill need urgent attention. There’s a real sense within the industry of being on the cusp of making final decisions on investments.

"We’ve seen half a dozen turbine manufacturers committing between half a billion and a billion pounds in total to open factories, but the pledges remain pledges.

"To get them converted into financial commitments, to see the foundations of factories being laid, and begin the recruitment of workers, we need definition and clarity around the Energy Bill," said McCaffery.

The trade body is in agreement with the UK government that the Bill is a pre-requisite to tie up new investments for the sector and meet the legally-binding carbon reduction targets for the country.