Scotland-based leading green energy trade association Scottish Renewables has announced that the investments in the country's energy industry have doubled in 2012 to more than £1.5bn.

According to the data presented by the association, the investments in the previous year have doubled in response to an additional 1GW generated by new projects.

This has raised the country’s total installed capacity to 5.8GW, while the investments in the industry during 2011 were £757m.

Scottish Renewables senior policy manager Joss Blamire, commenting on the data, said that the country has witnessed another record breaking year in the renewable energy industry, as the electricity generation from renewable sources has increased more than ever witnessed in the previous years.

"We are on track to be Scotland’s main source of electricity by the end of this year.

"Renewables is now a major part of our energy mix and is a significant part of our economy," added Blamire.

According to the data given by the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change, the renewable electricity generated in 2012 was around 7% more than that during 2011.

The electricity generated was around 14,600GWh, which was enough to power all the homes across the nation.