Renesas Technology America, Inc. (Renesas), a subsidiary of Renesas Technology Corp., has introduced a new 32-bit SuperH microcontroller (MCU), SH7286, for high-end motor control applications. The SH7286 offers up to 1 mega (M) byte of fast metal oxide nitride oxide silicon (MONOS) embedded flash memory. This flash memory with 100MHz CPU enables complicated single-chip designs for high-precision motor drives, AC servos and general-purpose industrial inverters that previously required two MCUs.

The peripheral functions present in the SH7286 include two multi-function timer units, MTU2 and MTU2S, to drive two motors simultaneously. The comprehensive MTU2 includes six channels of 16-bit timers, support for up to 16 input-capture/output-compare functions, and a three-phase pulse width modulation (PWM) capability for electric motors. Additional motor-control features are enabled by two quadrature-encoder feedback systems and two special channels that can measure dead times at the power stage for maximizing efficiency and preventing destructive operation. Port output enable (POE) pins with a fast, deterministic response time help ensure safe motor shutdowns.

The three 12-bit A/D converter modules with a total of 12 channels have a fast 1.0µs conversion time. Each A/D can be triggered by the MTU2 or MTU2S with an additional programmable delay time for supporting algorithms such as single-shunt motor drive. Extensive communication capabilities are provided by CAN, USB 2.0, serial communication interfaces (SCI), synchronous serial communication unit (SSU), and IIC3 functions.

The superscalar SH-2A CPU core offers unprecedented 2.0 DMIPS/MHz performance and interrupt latency of just six cycles. The SH7286 has a 3.0V to 5.5V operating range and comes in two 176-pin LQFP packages: 20x20mm with 0.4mm pitch or 24x24mm with 0.5mm pitch.

The SH7286 is supported by the Renesas Starter Kit (RSK), a user-friendly evaluation tool with all components required to quickly evaluate and develop out of box. The kit contains a power supply, E10a on-chip debugger, USB cable and a CD with software development tools and source files for exercising all peripherals on the board.