Refill Energy, a Salt Lake City-based green energy technology firm that converts bio-mass into synthesis gas, has entered into strategic alliance agreements with Petersen, Combustion Resources and Morris Electric to augment its business.

Petersen, a company that provides fabrication and precision machining needs and serves companies such as Bechtel, Boeing, Chevron, Kennecott and ATK Thiokol Propulsion, will provide production of the Refill gasification modules.

Combustion Resources, which provides engineering services in the fields of energy, fuels, and combustion by utilizing a wide range of resources and technologies, will provide Refill Energy with gasification implementation technology.

Refill Energy will develop the capabilities of turnkey utilization of its synthesis gas from project design to production of electricity with the help of Morris Electric, a company engaged in the adoption, design and rollout of new technology for electrical power production.

Refill Energy chairman Bruce Lybbert said the company’s ability to enroll three industry leaders into its vision stands as proof that something new and potentially paradigm-shifting is in the offing.

“We’ve taken one of the globe’s foremost problems and are creating an environmentally-responsible, perpetual energy solution out of it,” Lybbert said.