Refill Energy’s Downdraft Gasification technology produces renewable energy from the conversion of any carbon-based feedstock either solid or liquid, such as municipal solid waste (MSW), coal, sewage sludge, agriculture waste and carcasses to a flexible combination of electricity, steam, ethanol, fuels, chemicals and hydrogen.

Refill Energy technologies can produce approximately 1MWh of electricity, or 100 Gallons of useable fuels for each ton of feedstock. The technology can convert primary energy with greater efficiency and with less waste than current methods, the company claimed.

Refill Energy’s Gasifier produces a clean synthesis gas (made up primarily of hydrogen and carbon monoxide). The syn-gas can be used in an integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) to create electricity or be converted by a Catalytic Slurry Cyclone Reactor licensed by the University of Utah into liquid fuels (Dimethyl Ether, ethanol, gasoline, jet fuel or diesel fuel).

The Dimethyl Ether (DME) like syn-gas, which is used in the chemical industry, can be converted to several different products, depending on the catalyst used.

Mit Ebeling, president of Refill Energy, said: “This is an important milestone, one we have been looking forward to for years. With the Gasifier and other components, we have turned the corner from construction to operation. The level of detail, knowledge, and team work exhibited throughout is unprecedented. Everyone has truly embraced the design success.”