New-York based Qualitrol – a supplier of condition based monitoring products – has announced it has acquired Canadian firm Iris Power from subsidiaries of Koch Chemical Technology Group, LLC.

Iris Power has over 20 years experience of over 20 years of on-line partial discharge testing of stator winding insulation in large motors and generators, and is a supplier of both on-line and off-line diagnostic tools for condition assessment of these assets. Its fleet of portable and continuous instruments, and monitoring systems that are integrated into a power plant DCS or SCADA, are supported by teams of highly trained field service and rotating machine experts to help users make maintenance and outage decisions. Among its lproducts are the PDA and TGA partial discharge instruments for stator winding monitoring, ELCID instrument for stator core imperfection testing and RFAll rotor flux analyzer for synchronous machines.

Under the terms of the acquisition the existing management team at Iris will continue to manage the business from its location in Toronto, Canada. Joseph Mbuyi, Vice President & General Manager of Iris said: “This will greatly benefit both our associates and customers as we are now strategically linked to a recognized leader in the electric utility industry. We can build on the strengths of both companies to improve even further our industry leading products and services.”