PPL Corporation, in partnership with Pennsylvania's Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority, has opened a new renewable energy facility that will power 2,500 homes with clean energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Mike Kroboth, president of PPL Renewable Energy, said: This renewable energy plant will generate electricity in an environmentally friendly way. PPL subsidiary will invest more than $100 million in additional renewable energy projects in the next five years.

By capturing methane and using it to generate electricity, this plant will prevent the equivalent of 19,500 tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year. That’s equal to removing 27,000 cars from the road or planting 38,000 acres of new forest.

In addition to the generators, fueled by methane, the facility at the landfill will house an innovative renewable energy education center.

The facility, provided by the authority, will host demonstration solar and wind power projects and provide information on other important power generation sources such as nuclear. The facility also includes an education room that will be used by school groups and community organizations to learn more about renewable energy.