US-based electricity services provider PPL Electric Utilities has completed the rebuilding of 16 miles of Brunner Island to West Shore transmission line in the state of Pennsylvania.

The power line was rebuilt in York and Cumberland counties at a cost of $44m.

The project involved doubling the capacity of the line to reduce the risk of power outages.

PPL took about a year to complete and replace a 230kV single-circuit power line supported by lattice-style towers with a double-circuit transmission line of the same voltage supported by taller single-shaft steel poles.

PPL Electric Utilities Transmission Operations manager Paul Santarelli said the upgrade work was undertaken as part of the PJM Interconnection’s Regional Transmission Expansion Plan.

"It benefits both PPL Electric Utilities customers in Cumberland and York counties, and the high-voltage electric system in the mid-Atlantic region," Santarelli added.

The utility re-built the line from its Brunner Island switchyard along the Susquehanna River in East Manchester Township, York County, to its West Shore substation in Lower Allen Township, Cumberland County.

PPL also upgraded the switchyard and substation to accommodate the new line.

PJM Interconnection company under its PJM Regional Transmission Expansion Plan considers construction, retirement, expansion, and upgrade of power generating plant to reduce congestion on the transmission system.