Finnish engineering consulting firm Pöyry has bagged a contract from the Austrian Power Grid to reconstruct and modernize a transmission system substation in Austria.

The contract is related to a 110kV switchgear at the Ernsthofen substation located in the northern part of the country. Pöyry’s scope in the contract is to deliver detailed design engineering, project management and installation services along with equipment.

Pöyry says that it will closely work with the Austrian grid company in dismantling the existing switchgear and installing the new components in a step-by-step manner.

The project is scheduled to begin in the second quarter and is targeted to be finished by 2022 end.

According to the Finnish firm, the Ernsthofen substation has three voltage levels of 110, 220 and 380kV. After the completion of the project, the 110kV switchgear itself will feature 30 AIS bays and 10 GIS bays.

Pöyry transmission and distribution head Frank Jarosch said: "Pöyry's comprehensive offering for the power transmission and distribution sector in Europe underlines the company's commitment to supporting its clients with the challenges of a changing power sector.

“Upgraded grid infrastructures are instrumental in adopting the future generation mix and to guarantee reliable power supply to all clients.”

The 110kV switchgear owing to its size has a decisive role to play for the distribution network operators Energie, Oberösterreich and Netz Niederösterreich and also for the Greater Linz industrial settlement and HPP operator Ennskraft.

Pöyry plans to implement all the deconstruction and reconstruction works in four project phases with 17 precisely defined stages due to the complex grid situation. The contract value of the project have not been revealed by the parties.