MVM OVIT has awarded Poyry with a contract to provide engineering services assignment for the Szabolcsbáka substation in Hungary.

The assignment includes feasibility studies (already executed), complete design, licensing works and site engineering services during installation and finalizing with operating licenses and as-built documentation for the Szabolcsbáka 750 / 400kV Air-Insulated Switchgear (AIS) substation and the connecting 750kV and 400kV overhead lines (OHLs).

The duration of design phase of the project is 8 months, the licenses 6 months, construction is approximately 18 months with the substation due to be commissioned at the end of 2019.

The substation, located on the east side of Hungary, is unique in the Hungarian Power System both in voltage level and configuration aspects. The 750/400/15 kV single phase transformers have 1100/1100/240MVA capacity in the three phases. 

Pöyry has also been awarded similar assignments in Hungary during this financial period including the complete design, licensing works and site engineering services of two (Gönyu, Sajóivanka) 400 kV interconnection OHLs between Hungary and Slovakia and extensions of connecting 400 kV/ 120kV AIS substations.

Whilst extra high voltage (HV) substations and OHL design and services are not very common in Europe, Pöyry is well placed to support such projects through its international experience and competence in this area. These projects further strengthen Pöyry's leading position in the Hungarian power market.

Pöyry's Transmission and Distribution head Frank Jarosch said: "Pöyry's comprehensive offering for the power transmission and distribution sector in Europe underlines the company's commitment to supporting its clients with the challenges of a changing power sector.

"Upgraded grid infrastructures are instrumental in adopting the future generation mix and to guarantee reliable power supply to all clients."

The value of these orders is not disclosed. The orders will be recognised within the Energy Business Group order stock in Q1 2017.