India-based diagnostic testing specialists Powertest Asia has placed an order for two EFD Induction bolt expansion systems.

Each bolt heating system is powered by an EFD Induction mobile Minac 25/40 converter, which can deliver a maximum power output of 40 kW.

Minac convertor can also be hoisted onto scaffolding or an aerial work platform.

The EFD Induction bolt expansion system will aid in removal of bolts which secure large turbines covers ahead of scheduled inspections and maintenance.

A specially designed inductor will be inserted into each bolt on the turbine cover, while precise and controllable non-contact heat is then induced in the bolt. The axial expansion of the bolt will enable removal of the nuts easily.

Powertest Asia executive director Sasant Nuthakki said the EFD induction bolt expansion solution offers reduced downtime.

"Traditional flame and resistance heaters are just too slow and unreliable for our time-conscious customers — so that’s why we started looking at the induction alternative." Nuthakki said.

EFD Induction India sales manager Mahesh Gupta said induction helps in preventing damage to bolt threads and there is no risk of rods melting inside the bolts.