Power Machines OJSC has manufactured and shipped the third of 22 umbrella-type vertical-shaft synchronous hydrogenerators with maximum capacity of 144.5 MW. It is designed for hydropower unit No. 12 of Volzhskaya HPP.

According to the terms of a contract with RusHydro JSC signed in 2011, Power Machines are to provide the design, manufacture, testing and delivery of 10 hydropower turbines with maximum capacity of 145 MW and 22 generators with maximum capacity of 144.5 MW to the plant. The contractual obligations of Power Machines comprise a full range of works which includes the manufacture, dismantling of old equipment and installation of new one, installation supervision, commissioning and start-up services. The equipment deliveries are scheduled to be completed in 2021.

In 2013 Power Machines manufactured and delivered two generators for hydropower units No. 21 and No. 22 and a hydropower turbine for hydropower unit No. 21 to the plant. The third generator was shipped in March 2014.

Besides, the power plant engineering group is to supply 22 complete sets of hydropower generator excitation systems for Volzhskaya HPP by 2017. The corresponding contract was concluded in 2012. Five excitation systems have been delivered to the plant by now, three of them have been put into pilot operation – those at hydropower units No.1, No.16 and No.18. The renovation of the equipment will enable to considerably improve its reliability and performance, as well as to increase the installed capacity of Volzhskaya HPP.