Thornton Bank offshore wind farm

C-Power has been granted planning permission to build a v475 million 300 MW offshore wind farm comprising up to 60 turbine units at Thornton Bank. An initial demonstration phase of six turbines will commence construction in late summer 2004. Eighteen turbines are to be erected during 2006 with the remainder being positioned in 2007.

A Building and Operating permit has been received from the Belgian Government, allowing construction work to commence.


Gissi combined cycle power plant

Abruzzo Energia has been granted planning permission for a v425 m 800 MW gas-fired combined cycle plant to be located at Gissi in the Abruzzo region. Site works are expected to start in late summer 2004, with start up scheduled for the end of 2006. ASM Brescia has a 56% stake in Abruzzo Energia.

Contact: ASM Brescia SpA, via Lamormora,

I-25124 Brescia, Italy.

Tel: +39 030 3554 241

Fax: +39 030 3554 602.

Saudi Arabia

Ma’aden aluminium smelter power plant

The Saudi Arabian Mining Company (Ma’aden) is accepting tenders for a $1000 million 1500 MW baseload power plant at its aluminium refinery and smelter located at Az Zabirah in the Central Northern region. Scheduled start up is by the end of 2006. The contract award is due in October 2004. The plant will fire low sulphur Arab light crude.

Contact: Saudi Arabian Mining Company, PO Box 68861, Riyadh 11537.

Tel: +96 61 472 1222.


Banham energy-from-waste power plant

Banham Power, a wholly owned subsidiary of Banham Poultry, is planning to build a £10 million

5.5 MW power plant based on pyrolysis and gasification of dried poultry products. The plant will be located at Bunn’s Bank near Attleborough in Norfolk.

Startup is scheduled for 2006. Local consent from Norfolk County Council is still being sought.

Contact: Banham Power, Station Road, Attleborough, Norfolk NR17 2AT UK. Tel: +44 (0) 1953 455001.


The Uruguay state electricity company, UTE, has received bids from Fiat Engineering do Brasil, General Electric, Alstom and one other, undisclosed, company for a turnkey contract to build a

400 MW combined cycle power plant in San José department, some 20 km from Montevideo.


Morro Bay power plant

Duke Energy is seeking government approval for an $800 million 1500 MW upgrading of the facilities at Morro Bay. The modernisation will include replacing the existing natural gas-fired boiler units with combined-cycle technology. Each of the two new units will include two gas-fired combustion turbines, two heat recovery steam generators and one steam turbine operating in combined cycle mode.


Joseph M Farley nuclear plant upgrade

Alabama Power Company,

a subsidiary of Southern Company, has awarded a $100 million lump-sum turnkey contract to Westinghouse Electric to replace the reactor vessel head at Joseph M Farley on Unit 1 (in October 2004) and on Unit 2 by end-2005.

The work will involve offloading, dismantling and reassembly, transport of the reactor heads, rigging and handling inside the containment building, plant modifications and refuelling.


Dargavel energy-from-waste power plant

Compact Power is planning to build a £20 million 8 MW energy-from-waste power plant at Dargavel in Scotland, with start up scheduled for 2005. The plant will handle up to 90 000 t/yr of domestic, commercial and clinical waste.

Companies interested in the construction and engineering are invited to prequalify. Civil works are expected to commence in the second half of 2004.

Contact: Compact Power, Bruce Toase, Hydro House, St Andrews Road, Avonmouth, Bristol BS11 9HZ, UK.

Tel: +44 (0) 117 980 2900 Fax: +44 (0) 117 980 2901.