Powell Industries, a manufacturer of equipment and systems for the management and control of electrical energy, has signed a global master contract to provide services to Chevron Corporation and its affiliates.

The agreement was signed with Chevron USA, a domestic subsidiary of the integrated international energy titan, after Powell won the contract through a competition process. Financial details have yet to be disclosed by Powell.

Powell will partner with Chevron to produce fully functional and completely tested Offshore Power Modules and Onshore Power Control Rooms for installations at the oil and gas company’s worldwide facilities. The deal allows for flexibility in the future and allows for additional services to be included as the result of expansion plans or the development of new projects.

We are very pleased that we are now designated as the preferred product supplier on a global scale for Electrical Offshore Equipment Modules and Onshore Electrical Power Control Rooms at Chevron, stated Thomas Powell, chairman and CEO.

Our primary role will be to interface with other equipment suppliers to package and fully integrate the various electrical equipment requirements into fully assembled and functional power modules, ready for shipment and installation to production and refining facilities located throughout the US and to existing and emerging oil and gas production fields around the world.