Plambeck Neue Energien AG (Plambeck) has completed the Leddin wind farm in Brandenburg. There are five wind energy turbines of the Vestas V90 type with a nominal output of 2 megawatt (MW) each have been set up. These wind energy plants have a total height of 148 metres. With a total nominal output of 10 MW the plant can cover the annual energy requirements of around 6.000 private households. Construction of the Leddin wind farm started in 2008.

With this wind farm, about 13,000 less tons of carbon dioxide and other pollutants from conventional power stations enter the environment each year.

The Leddin location is a further good example of the fact that there are still suitable areas for making use of wind energy in Germany, says Bernd Paulsen, the member of the board of directors of Plambeck responsible for project development and implementation. He said that the height of the wind energy plant is of decisive importance for making the best possible use of the potential of the location, as the wind situation becomes permanently better with an increase in altitude.

With the ongoing implementation of wind farm projects on our home market, we are securing the further positive development of the enterprise, says Martin Billhardt, chairman of the board of directors of Plambeck, looking forwards to further projects currently in the construction phase, which are to be completed in the coming months.

For the construction of Leddin wind farm EUR15 million have been invested.