Polish integrated oil and gas firm PKN Orlen has announced that it is launching 120 company-owned stores in Lithuania and Latvia in a move to gain a 20% market share in the consolidated market of the two countries.

The company is launching the Orlen Lietuva and Orlen Latvija brands as part of its retail presence in the Baltic states. The company is to bring in its high-quality Verva fuels, improve non-fuel product quality and adopt high service standards as part of its retail strategy.

The company has set ambitious goals for its retail strategy in Lithuania and Latvia. It is planning to become the regional leader while ensuring long-term value growth and financial efficiency.

In the pilot phase at the end of 2008, the company is to acquire selected stations or station chains and prepare for construction investments. In the second phase, planned for 2009-2010, the company is to continue the acquisition process, but the focus would be on launching newly-built stations.

The final phase seeks to strengthen the chain’s position in the Baltic markets and finalize its construction plans. The company is planning to introduce the chain as a premium brand across the two countries and will be reportedly positioning it as ‘high quality at an affordable price’.