Philips Lumileds Lighting Company (Philips Lumileds), a division of Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V., has installed street lights using LUXEON power LEDs in Osaka Prefecture in Japan. This installation shows the emergence of solid-state lighting as an energy-efficient option to street lamps utilizing standard light sources. The new LEDs are contributing to on the whole savings of 88% in the electricity bills when compared to the older high-pressure mercury lamps used elsewhere in the region.

The new fixtures are developed by Three Force.

“Our new street lamps in Osaka are saving a tremendous amount of energy and pedestrians really enjoy the quality of light that we get from the LUXEON LEDs,” stated Kazuaki Ueshima, chief executive officer and president, from Three Force.

Each of the LED-based street lamps deployed at a park on Kizu River uses 36 cool white LUXEON LEDs. The LED array produces 30 lux at a pole height of 4.5 meters, comparable to brightness of mercury lamps, while utilizing just 25 W of power per fixture. Future Lighting Solutions worked with Three Force to ensure that the system design and bin selection allowed Three Force to meet solution specifications.

Additionally to energy savings, the new LUXEON LEDs provide a 60,000-hour lifetime that is 5 to 10 times longer than the mercury vapor, mercury-free construction, and the ability to attain uniform light distribution with fewer glares in street lamp applications because of greater control over light direction made possible by the LUXEON’s small form factor. The light can be precisely targeted via LED placement and optics optimization.

“This initial installation in Osaka Prefecture is part of an emerging movement to bring LED illumination to streets and sidewalks. We are seeing growing interest in solid-state street lamps from partners and cities around the globe and certainly here in Japan,” stated Norihide Yamada, general manager, Japan for Philips Lumileds. “Municipalities are familiar with the energy and maintenance benefits of LEDs, and street lighting promises to be the next big wave of LED adoption at the municipal level.”