PetroFrontier, an international oil and gas exploration company, has spudded the OzBeta-1 well as part of its 2014 work plan and budget (WP&B).

The company has begun drilling at the OzBeta-1 well, marking the second of up to five vertical test wells to be drilled as part of the 2014 WP&B.

The OzBeta-1 is a vertical exploration well located in Exploration Permit 127.

All wells, including an extensive open hole evaluation program as well as up to three of the wells, will be cased by the company for future hydraulic fracture stimulation and production testing.

Statoil Australia Theta, PetroFrontier’s joint venture partner and the operator of the 2014 WP&B, had used the rig to abandon the Owen-3H well while meeting the Australian regulations, before the spud of the OzBeta-1 well.

Upon completion of OzBeta-1 well drilling, the rig will be removed and transferred to the third well, OzGamma-1, located in Exploration Permit 103.