China-based state-owned oil and gas company PetroChina has repaired the section of the West-East gas pipeline that was damaged after an explosion.

The 9,102km long pipeline running from Khorgas in northwestern Xinjiang to Guangzhou in Guangdong, has a capacity to transport 30 billion cubic meters of natural gas every year. The gas line includes 4,843km of the main line and eight sub-lines.

An explosion on 26 May damaged a small section of the gas line in the eastern province of Jiangxi, resulting in temporary suspension of gas supply, reported The Economic Times.

Gas supply was temporarily halted only in the county, while the overall supply of the pipeline was not impacted.

The powerful explosion is claimed to have injured two people, according to the state media.

China currently operates two cross-country pipelines, which source gas mostly from Turkmenistan. The country is also constructing a third pipeline that ends in southeastern province of Fujian, with additional gas imports from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.