PT Pertamina (Pertamina) has appointed Agustiawan Karen as director of the company with the replacement of Ari H. Soemarno. The Indonesian government also announced Sjawaldy Omar Anwar as deputy director of the company replacing Iin Arifin Takhyan. Agustiawan Karen began serving as director of Pertamina Hulu since 2006. He earlier served as staff director of the Main Line of Hulu.

It is expected that this appointment will strengthen the commitment to transformation into a company Pertamina oil and gas. Pertamina transformation program focuses on the management of the business more efficient, moving strategically in the field of exploration and production, ensure the resilience of national energy and sustainable increase the quality of service to the community.

After the ITB from the Engineering Physics in 1978, he developed his career in the oil industry by joining in the oil and gas companies, including Mobil Oil and Halliburton.

Omar S. Anwar became chief executive officer, Rio Tinto Indonesia since August 2008 after the previous active in banking and finance with Bank Mandiri, ABN Amro, Citibank and Bimantara Group and the oil companies HUFFCO. Omar is a graduate of George Washington University MBA in 1982 and BA from the University of Maryland in 1980, both in the field of accounting.