Perma-Fix Environmental Services UK, a subsidiary of Perma-Fix Environmental Services, has secured a £1.3m ($2.2m) contract from Dounreay Site Restoration (DSRL) for the disposition of mercury waste streams for the Dounreay site.

According to Perma-Fix, the contract was the result of a procurement issued by DSRL for the treatment of wastes generated from decommissioning and demolition activities currently ongoing at the Dounreay site.

Utilizing patented treatment technology, Perma-Fix has designed a mobile system for DSRL. The mobile system will treat radioactively contaminated mercury wastes to facilitate safe disposal.

Perma-Fix Environmental Services chairman and CEO Dr Louis F Centofanti said "The company is pleased to provide its mercury treatment technology to DSRL for treatment of this former orphan waste stream."

"We have successfully used this technology in the United States for treatment of radioactive mercury wastes for over ten years," Centofanti added..

"Our UK office has been working with DSRL on a number of waste challenges and it is gratifying that we have our first opportunity to assist DSRL with waste treatment."