Venezuelan state-run oil giant PDVSA has received drills made in China as part of its larger efforts to indigenize the development and production of field equipment.

The first shipment arrived in Guanta Port, eastern Anzoategui state. The two 1,000 horsepower (HP) drills are expected to be used by the Eastern Division Exploration and Production division in the Orinoco oil strip in San Tome District. The equipment can drill shallow wells at a depth of 8,000 feet and is completely automatic.

Pursuant to the PDVSA-China agreement, Venezuela will get technology and know-how on drill manufacturing. The agreement envisages three stages of co-operation. The first stage covers the purchase of 13 drills, including two 2,000HP, four 1,500HP and two 1,000HP drills.

The second stage involves assembly of the drills in Venezuela and the third stage includes manufacturing and maintenance. Venezuelan technicians and engineers were trained in China as part of the agreement.