Paris Generation LLC (Paris Generation), a subsidiary of Noble Environmental Power LLC (Noble Environmental Power), has postponed its plans for a 146 megawatt (MW) wind farm in Coos county. Granite Reliable Power LLC (Granite Reliable Power), another subsidiary of Noble Environmental Power, is continuing with the permitting process to set up 99 MW combined capacity wind turbines at high points in Dixville and Millsfield, at a cost of $247 million.

The state Site Evaluation Committee is evaluating the project and is scheduled to issue its decision in April 2009.

Pip Decker, project manager for Granite Reliable Power, said that the company is suspending the plans for the project because it is not certain whether the transmission line known as the Coos county loop will have enough capacity to support the wind farm.

Coos county planning board member Fred King, said that three other companies have applied for permits to put up test wind turbines.

Nothing is going to happen until the transmission line is upgraded, King said.

Noble Environmental Power had the option of letting its position in the ISO New England queue expire or pay $150,000 to keep the project active.

Decker said that, while efforts to upgrade the line are encouraging, the company chose to let its position expire. Decker continued that all plans are on track for the Granite Reliable project. The project may be operating in 2010.