Scottish company PanGeo has secured a contract to conduct unexploded ordinance survey at an North Sea offshore wind farm project.

The North Sea offshore windfarm project will consist of a UXO survey covering an area of some 18km2 for export cables, inter-array cables and offshore platforms.

PanGeo’s Sub Bottom Imager (SBI) will again be used as the sub-seabed depth of investigation is only to a maximum of around 6m – well within the SBI’s current capability.

Clients are realising more and more that the SBI has an ability to reduce the amount of potential targets identified in earlier magnetometer surveys by up to 75%.

In turn, this reduces the amount of actual targets which are subject to subsequent physical investigation – a good way of reducing project costs while protecting or indeed accelerating project schedules.

PanGeo is a Marine geophysical-geotechnical service delivery company specializing in high resolution 3D acoustic imaging solutions to mitigate risk in offshore installations by imaging and identifying geohazards in the seabed and providing detailed soil stratigraphy.