Pakistan Electric Power Company (Pvt.) Limited (Pakistan Electric Power), has declared that due to the effective working of thermal power plants and IPPs along with the favorable weather conditions, electricity generation was enhanced. During the daytime the duration of load management was considerably curbed. The load management between the night of 24-05-2009 and 25-05-2009 was lifted all over Pakistan and that resulted in an improvement to the power situation.

The generating machines had high production capacity due to the efficient working of IPPs and thermal power plants, higher water level of reservoirs and increased out-flow of water from the dams.

The control centers of all the DISCOs were directed to revise the load management schedules to assist its customers. Load management measures were relaxed, as the local system consultations of DISCOs had support due to plummeting of mercury.

The optimum demand for May 23, 2009 was 14980 megawatts (MW) and the deficit registered was 2,100 MW.

Similarly, on May 24, 2009, the maximum demand was recorded as 14,851 MW and the shortfall was 1,800 MW, whereas, the deficit in 2008 for the equivalent period was registered as 3,541 MW and 4,068 MW respectively.

If the weather conditions continue as were for the earlier two days. The power scenario will remain steady or may improve in the subsequent days.

On May 23, 2008, the company’s export to KESC was 440 and 560 MW respectively, while the power supply that has been fed to KESC in 2009 for the equivalent period was 700 and 600 MW.