Pakistan has commenced construction of the 1,100MW Karachi Nuclear Power Plant II (Kanupp II), to help meet the increasing power demands in the country.

Being built by China National Nuclear (CNNC), the Kanupp II station is a part of a $10bn project, which also involves construction of the 1,100MW Kanupp -3.

The Kanupp II project will feature two CAP1400 Nuclear reactors which are based on AP1000 Westinghouse Electric Company Pressurized water reactor technology.

Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was quoted by Press Trust of India (PTI): "This project is an example of the healthy friendship between Pakistan and China. We are thankful for the continued support of Pakistan by the Chinese government."

In June, Pakistan Government approved the construction of two new nuclear power plants near Karachi, despite concerns raised by civil society organizations over its proximity to the city, and lack of proper evacuation plan in an event of emergency.

Sharif was quoted by AFP as saying: "Two new nuclear power plants, K2 and K3 will be built near Kanupp (Karachi Nuclear Power Plant) which was built 43 years ago.

"It is our top priority to end loadshedding."

Last year, the Chinese government agreed to support $45.6bn worth energy and infrastructure projects in Pakistan to help address power shortages in the region.