Pacific Ethanol, a US-based producer of low-carbon renewable fuels, has awarded a contract to Edeniq, a biomaterials and sustainable fuels innovator, for installation of Cellunators technology at its ethanol facility in Stockton, California.

The Edeniq’s Cellunators technology will boost ethanol yield by increasing available starch for conversion.

The installation of Cellunators technology will enable the adoption of Edeniq’s Pathway technology, integrating the Cellunator with proprietary enzymes to convert the cellulosic fraction of the corn kernel to ethanol. This will enable a conventional plant to produce cellulosic ethanol.

Pacific Ethanol president and CEO Neil Koehler said that the contract with Edeniq for its Cellunators technology will improve efficiencies at the plant and enables the company to produce advanced biofuels within a corn ethanol plant.

"We expect this technology to increase yields and improve overall plant profitability," added Koehler.