Oxea, a global chemical company, has signed a contract with Air Liquide for the supply of syngas and hydrogen. The plant produces both synthesis gas and hydrogen.

As part of this agreement, the company has sold its Oberhausen syngas plant to Air Liquide which will operate the plant in the future. Both companies have entered into a contract that will secure the procurement of syngas and hydrogen for Oxea at competitive terms.

As per the agreement Air Liquide will retain all the 26 employees permanently, as agreed in terms of protecting existing employment contracts.

Last year Oxea has acquired an ester plant in Amsterdam where it stepped up its efforts regarding an expansion of the portfolio of oxo-derivatives. The company did not just test and manufacture new products, which are already in demand in the market, but also continued to invest in existing facilities in order to create additional capacities.

In this respect, there is a series of projects not just at the company’s site, Ruhrchemie in Oberhausen, but other Oxea locations are also conducting research for promising expansions. As a result, Oxea has been systematically pursuing its strategy of extending the value chain and strengthening oxo-derivatives for years.