Oxair was commissioned by Plant Biosecurity Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) to produce a nitrogen system for Chevron Australia that would contribute to protecting the conservation values of Barrow Island, an A-Class Nature Reserve off the northwest coast of Western Australia.

Chevron Australia is the Operator of the Gorgon Gas Development, a joint venture between Chevron, Shell, Exxon, Japan Gas and Osaka Gas. Gorgon is required not to introduce any species to this unique island that is not native to the island.

Barrow Island has many unique and endemic species which used to occur on the Mainland of Australia prior to European settlement. Since then, the introduction of many predators, insect pests, weeds and diseases to the mainland has resulted in so many species now being extinct and landscapes smothered.

As part of the world’s most comprehensive quarantine management system to protect this environment against invasive species, Chevron developed a novel fumigation process. This process uses a new generation fumigant which is not harmful to the environment and is where Oxair’s expertise in nitrogen systems has delivered a solution for the project’s fumigation of material destined for the island.

Perth-based Oxair was contracted by CRC to work with Murdoch University to develop the nitrogen supply side for the fumigation equipment. Oxair used Air Products’ membranes for this application which is extremely reliable technology and allows the end user to run the unit 24/7.

One of the machines was built as a self-contained unit on a trailer which could be taken to any location. It has its own generated power and air supply along with filtration and membrane system for nitrogen generation. The other was developed into a containerised unit with remote power supply feeding the compressor.

Oxair’s Managing Director, David Cheeseman, said: “Oxair is proud that its nitrogen system helps protect the Barrow Island environment from non-indigenous species, which represent the greatest threat to the Island’s native flora and fauna.

“The Gorgon Project will be an important pillar of the Australian economy for decades to come. We are thrilled to work as a key supplier to this world-class project.”

Oxair’s designs are focused on meeting exacting customer requirements, reliability, ease of maintenance, safety, and plant self-protection making it an ideal contract paebrrtner for Chevron. It is a world leading manufacturer of gas process systems, for shipboard and land-based use to suit any requirement.