US based Ortloff Engineers has started the first Gas Plant in a Bottle concept based project at a cryogenic plant to process feed gas.

The company evaluated and validated the Heat andMass Transfer (HNT) module, the primary design feature of the Gas Plant in a Bottle concept, to design the parameters used in sizing the industrial scale unit to process the feed gas.

The HMT module is operating 30% extra liquid and providing mass transfer.

The project also installed extra refrigeration and column reboil capacity at the plant to operate at or above the plant’s design capacity and produce specification product at or above design recovery levels.

The Gas Plant in a Bottle concept is a new process design and equipment concept aimed at reducing the costs associated with the cryogenic NGL/LPG recovery gas processing unit and the required plot space.

The concept combines and assembles most of the processing equipments of a cryogenic plant in to a single fabricated assembly through an integrated heat and mass transfer equipment.

The other benefits of the concept include less number of pipes, reduced pressure drop with resulting lower compression power and fewer flanged connections resulting in reduced sources of leaks and atmospheric emissions.

The concept would also lead to less civil work and construction time.