US-based OriginOil launched a specialized licensing group focused on the commercial applications for its Solids out of Solution technology outside of the oil and gas industry.

The move is expected to increase its focus on the commercial deployment of its frack water cleanup system, CLEAN-FRAC, in oil and gas production.

Partnerships outside the oil and gas sectors could possibly include ater management, aquaculture and biofuels.

OriginOil CEO Riggs Eckelberry remarked that the company had gained a significant traction amongst algae producers while identifying newer opportunities to expand.

"We are extremely motivated by these opportunities but also cautious of diluting our commercial efforts within the oil and gas sector. Cleaning up frack and produced water is proving to be the largest, most compelling market opportunity.

"This new licensing group could allow the core team to devote more energy and resources to targeting this high growth industry," added Eckelberry.

The new licensing ground will be headed by Alex Leshnick as its General Manager; he currently serves as the Director of Operations with OriginOil.