The Lac Seul First Nation (LSFN) and Ontario Power Generation (OPG) have signed an agreement that resolves past impacts in the LSFN traditional territory and will help facilitate the construction of new hydro power in Canada.

According to OPG’s President and CEO, Jim Hankinson, the agreement redresses issues of the past and provides the opportunity for establishing a new commercial relationship with LSFN.

A new hydroelectric plant is currently being constructed at the Ear Falls site in Lac Seul that will add over 12MW of renewable supply to Northern Ontario.

This new settlement addresses the impacts of the Root River diversion project and the generating stations at Ear Falls and Manitou Falls.

‘This agreement recognises the impacts of the past and looks forward to a more positive future,’ said Chief Clifford Bull of LSFN. ‘Our people support the work that is being done by OPG to add additional generation at the Lac Seul site. In the future we want to build a commercial relationship with OPG in which our people can benefit from projects on our traditional lands.’