Opel Solar, a developer and supplier of high concentration photovoltaic (HCPV) solar panels and other solar products, has signed an agreement with Tecneira, the Portugal renewable energy company of the ProCME Group, for a solar project in Portugal.

In mid-March, the Portuguese government awarded Opel Solar and Tecneira the preliminary phase of projects, a 1MW solar concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) power plant installation. This solar project will be eligible for the Portuguese feed-in tariff that will provide a guaranteed investment rate of return.

Robert Pico, CEO of Opel Solar, said: “Opel Solar is delighted to have the partnership with Tecneira as Portugal aggressively moves into CPV solar energy. We understand that for the project award Opel Solar’s technology was viewed as one of the most innovative and utility scalable to achieve Portugal’s solar energy goals for CPV.”

Alda Delgado, CEO of Tecneira, said: “Tecneira believes in the competitive advantages that Opel Solar’s HCPV technology offers our Company. Putting the HCPV panels on solar trackers will optimize the electrical production for this solar power plant. We look forward to working with Opel Solar on this first installation and other projects in the future.”

The solar plant will be located in Alqueva in the Moura region of Southern Portugal, a prime location for solar development. Opel Solar will build the installation with its Mk-I HCPV solar panels mounted on dual axis trackers.