Such a move could also see an increase in energy bills and set back the growth of every renewable technology.

Prime Minister David Cameron was said to be considering tightening laws on onshore windfarms to make current and future projects less viable.

Around 50% of the power generated in Scotland comes from renewable sources, of which onshore wind constitutes around 65%.

By removing onshore wind turbines, the UK will either miss its 2020 climate change targets or will have to generate renewable power from other sources.

Scottish Renewables chief executive Niall Stuart said that axing onshore wind would be bad news for the economy, the environment and employment across Scotland.

"Onshore wind is driving investment in grid infrastructure upgrades across the country, which are key to the development of offshore wind in the north of Scotland and for wave and tidal projects on the islands."

"No onshore wind means no connections to the islands and no wave and tidal industry – it is that simple."