On-Ramp Wireless has partnered with GridSense to develop the affordable utility distribution point monitoring system.

The energy management system for distribution automation combines the GridSense TransformerIQ platform with On-Ramp’s Ultra-Link Processing (ULP) system.

The new solution allows the utilities to cost-effectively deploy secure and reliable monitoring throughout their distribution network to fulfill asset monitoring, fault indication to improve outage restoration, alert to power quality issues, capture power theft and act as a hub for demand-side load management all with a single wireless device.

On-Ramp said its ULP system can support 20,000 TransformerIQ monitors per Access Point, and the TransformerIQ offers a quick retrofit solution onto existing energized distribution transformers, enabling a lower cost system upgrade without the impact of an outage or downtime.

This solution enables utilities to improve system average interruption duration index metrics through predictive maintenance, enabling intervention prior to failure, and monitor remaining transformer life lost and load profiles.

The companies will jointly pilot the smart transformer monitoring solution in second quarter of this year.