Russian gas exporter Gazprom has informed the Austrian energy company OMV that it will be able to provide only 30% to 40% of the scheduled natural gas deliveries at the Baumgarten distribution hub, due to its ongoing gas dispute with Ukraine. OMV has stated that restrictions have expanded and only 10% of the scheduled volume is being delivered at the hub.

OMV has said that, despite the restrictions on Russian natural gas deliveries to the Baumgarten distribution hub, supply to customers is currently secured under current conditions including consumption level and weather conditions.

OMV’s subsidiary, EconGas, has approximately 1.7 billion cubic meters (bcm) of natural gas in storage. To ensure the continued security of supply, appropriate reserves have already been made available, compensating the current restriction of 90% on Russian natural gas deliveries through storage facilities, said the company.

In this regard the company has decided to reduce gas deliveries to the gas transmission system of Ukraine by 65.3 million cubic meters which equals the amount of gas siphoned in Ukraine from January 1 to January 4, 2009.  In addition, Gazprom demands that Naftogaz Ukrainy take prompt measures to secure uninterrupted natural gas transit via Ukraine pursuant to the conditions of the existing contract on the volumes and terms of Russian natural gas transit over 2003-2013 period.

Austrian gas consumption amounts to approximately 8bcm annually. Approximately 51% of this volume comes from Russia, said OMV.