As part of the decommissioning of O1 and O2, OKG has reached an agreement with Damen Oskarshamnsvarvet.

This involves the local manufacture of the steel tanks to be used for storing the reactor parts that are to be cut into smaller pieces.

OKG has previously entered into an agreement with General Electric, GE, to cut the reactor parts into pieces that are contained in the reactor tanks at O1 and O2. An additional procurement is now being conducted to ensure the efficient decommissioning of these facilities. Bids have already been requested for the manufacture and delivery of steel tanks with integrated cassettes for use in the storage of the components to be cut into smaller pieces.

"The most competitive bid was provided by Damen Oskarshamsvarvet, and it is with great satisfaction that I can state that we are now entering into an agreement with a supplier in such close proximity" says Johan Dasht, Managing Director.

The tanks will be made in three different sizes to accommodate the various needs. The largest tank volume will be manufactured with 50 mm thick walls, but tanks will also be made with walls that are 100 and 150 mm thick. Deliveries will be ongoing for a period of two years, starting in the spring of 2018.