This new thermal facility will be built at the Ohgishima plant, which currently has two gas-fired units, in the Kanagawa prefecture in Japan.

The station supplies electric power fueled by natural gas and adopts an energy conserving gas turbine combined cycle.

Ohgishima Power had started operation for the Unit 1 in March 2010 and for the Unit 2 in July 2010, with a combined generation capacity of nearly 814MW.

The company intends to begin construction work for Unit 3 in November 2012 and commence operations in fiscal 2015,

Environmental impact assessment procedures have already been completed for the Unit 3, which is designed to have a maximum efficiency of about 58%.

With the commencement of Unit 3, the total capacity of Ohgishima Power Station will go up to 1,221MW.

Tokyo Gas owns 75% stake in the joint venture Ohgishima Power with Showa Shell holding the remaining stake.

Tokyo Gas has plans to expand its domestic power generation capacity between 3,000 to 5,000MW by 2020.