Parsons has secured a contract from the Orange County Water District (OCWD) to provide construction management services in the US state of California.

As per the contract, Parsons will provide the full spectrum of services including document control, field engineering, inspection, and startup/commissioning oversight, for the $128m Initial Expansion of the groundwater replenishment system (GWRS) in Fountain Valley.

GWRS takes highly treated wastewater and purifies it through membrane filtration, reverse osmosis, and advanced oxidation using ultraviolet light and hydrogen peroxide.

This highly purified water will be percolated into OCWD’s groundwater basin to supplement its drinking water supplies and to augment the seawater intrusion barrier, which prevents seawater from contaminating the groundwater.

The GWRS has a secondary benefit of reducing the amount of treated wastewater discharged to the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Huntington Beach.

The project is expected to increase the treatment capacity of the GWRS by 31,000 acre-feet per year (AFY) of new water supplies, bringing the total capacity of the system to 103,000AFY.

The project is scheduled to be complete in 2014.