Octus, a smart energy efficiency company, has secured multiple energy-efficient lighting retrofit projects under Roseville Electric's Small Business Lighting Program and is in the process of implementing them in the city of Roseville.

Octus is one of the four approved energy efficiency contractors chosen as part of Roseville Electric’s $1,073,700 in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 funds for energy efficiency programs granted to the city of Roseville.

The invest in these energy efficiency lighting projects is expected to deliver double benefit to the property owners by reducing operating expenses and increasing net operating income, thereby boosting property asset values.

Octus CEO Chris Soderquist said that these projects showcase how and why energy efficiency improvements are a sage investment for commercial building owners, managers and tenants.

“With the current availability of generous utility company incentives, the projects have simple payback periods of less than one year and realize returns in the high double digits,” Soderquist said.