Mobile payment service Obopay has gone live on all Amp'd Mobile devices to deliver the first operator-supported mobile payments service in the US.

The Obopay on Amp’d service, the first of its kind, will enable consumers to get, send and spend money directly from their mobile phone. As part of the service, Amp’d Mobile device users will be able to send money to any mobile phone number and instantly receive money from any Obopay user.

The service also comes with an Obopay companion prepaid debit MasterCard that lets users conduct retail transactions at more than 5.5 million retail locations and 396,000 ATMs in the US using their Obopay account funds.

With Obopay’s account management features, users can also refer friends, check balances, get money owed from other mobile users, and view transaction histories – all from a mobile application residing on the device.

Mobile payments has long been the next big thing in mobile, and now it’s finally here for busy consumers who are always on the go, said Carol Realini, CEO and founder of Obopay. With Obopay on Amp’d, mobile consumers can use their money in many powerful new ways, whether it’s instantly paying or getting money from a friend, parents quickly sending their kids money when they need it most, or buying goods and services at virtually any retail outlet in the US.

As a part of a comprehensive co-marketing initiative, Amp’d will feature Obopay’s mobile payments service on its home page, where website visitors can click on a link to sign up and receive a $25 bonus in their newly created Obopay account.