NV Energy, Inc. (NV Energy) will provide cash incentives to farmers and ranchers who install wind turbines and small-scale micro hydroelectric generating plants. This is being provided by the company through two new programs of the company: WindGenerations and HydroGenerations. The new programs are an expansion of the company's five year old SolarGenerations program which provides similar cash incentives to offset costs for photovoltaic solar panels.

NV Energy’s WindGenerations incentives for all NV Energy customers using wind power and the rebates can offset up to 60% of the cost of the installed system. HydroGenerations incentives for agricultural customers are paid by NV Energy according to the size of system installed.

Together these programs are called RenewableGenerations to cover solar, wind and hydro power.

NV Energy provides assistance to customers and contractors through workshops, education, outreach events and individual consultation.

Renewable resources, such as solar, wind and hydro power, are an integral part of our energy supply strategy, said John Hargrove, program manager for energy efficiency and conservation for NV Energy. These projects deliver benefits on many levels: they reduce energy bills, strengthen the electric grid, help the environment and increase our energy independence by taking advantage of abundant natural energy sources right in our own backyard.

Added Hargrove, We’re fortunate in Nevada because of the strong support for renewable energy shown by the Nevada Legislature and the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada. As a result of their efforts, Nevada has one of the nation’s most progressive programs to encourage customer-installed renewable energy.