US-based nuclear power technology developer, NuScale Power, has filed an application with the US Department of Energy (DOE) for the second funding opportunity announcement (FOA) for its innovative small modular reactors (SMR).

The application for funding has details on how the company plans to achieve US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) certification in a timeframe that would support the commercial operation by 2025.

NuScale Power chairman and chief executive officer John Hopkins said the company is confident of its submission for the FOA.

"We believe in our unique SMR technology and we have a remarkable team spanning the technology, supply chain and
manufacturing functions that will enable our company to certify, commercialize and deploy our scalable, passively safe SMR to provide cost-effective, low-carbon energy to U.S. homes and businesses," Hopkins added.

The company, since DOE’s first FOA decision in late final quarter of 2012 has reached several important milestones, including a
major technological breakthrough, whereby the NuScale Power Module does not require any electrical power to achieve safe cooldown.

Additionally, NuScale’s technology neither requires any on-going operator action nor additional water to achieve safe cooldown.

In late June, NuScale also announced the launch of the Western Initiative for Nuclear to study the demonstration and deployment of a multi-module NuScale Small Modular Reactor (SMR) plant.

The company has developed a unique and proprietary break-through technology for a safe, innovative, simple, economic and scalable small modular reactor.