Novozymes has signed an agreement with Maabjerg Energy Concept, pursuant to which it is now part of a consortium which is planning to build a new bioenergy production plant in Jutland, Denmark.

Other members in the consortium include DONG Energy and Vestforsyning, Struer Forsyning and Nomi.

Novozymes vice president for Bioenergy Poul Ruben Andersen said "We’ve joined the consortium to help perform a pilot study of the technical and financial possibilities."

Maabjerg Energy Concept CEO Jørgen Udby said, "We invited Novozymes to join the consortium because we’re keen to have the company participate in the phase of the project leading up to the decision to press ahead with the plant,"

Maabjerg Energy Concept will use a variety of technologies for making use of waste products and biomass.

The consortium will employ Novozymes expertise in biotech to design a new bioenergy production plant which will generate biogas, advanced bioethanol, electricity and heat from household waste and straw.

The plant will produce around 94 million cubic meters of biogas, which can be upgraded to natural gas and 73 million liters (19 million gallons) of bioethanol annually.

It will also provide district heating for 20,000 homes and electricity for several thousand homes.

The company said that biogas production is already being phased in.

DONG Energy executive vice president for Generation Thomas Dalsgaard said the Maabjerg Energy Concept is a ambitious and innovative project which could create a brand new platform for Danish bioenergy.

"Having Novozymes on board gives the project a real boost," said Dalsgaard.