Novomer Inc., (Novomer) has appointed Glenn Fredrickson and Edward Kramer to its scientific advisory board (SAB). Fredrickson is the director of the Mitsubishi Chemical Center for advanced materials and a professor of chemical engineering and materials at the University of California. Kramer is also a professor of materials and chemical engineering at the University of California, where he has served on the faculty since 1997.

“Novomer’s scientific advisory board provides cutting-edge expertise in critical areas of organic chemistry and materials science,” said chief executive officer Jim Mahoney. “Dr. Fredrickson and Dr. Kramer’s breadth of knowledge in areas such as polymer physics, chemical engineering and materials will no doubt help to further strengthen an already illustrious team of thinkers. We’re delighted to have both of them on board.”

Fredrickson is a leading authority on theoretical polymer physics and has been recognized by major research prizes from the American Chemical and Physical Societies, the American Institute of Chemical Engineers and by election to the National Academy of Engineering. Fredrickson is author of more than 200 journal publications and has chaired technical advisory boards at Dow Chemical, Mitsubishi Chemical and Allergan Medical.

Kramer current research activities focus on understanding the fundamentals that control the structure, properties and processing of block copolymers. Kramer has been honored with an election as a fellow of the American Physical Society and American Association for the advancement of science and as a member of the National Academy of Engineering. He has also received the 2008 cooperative research award from the American Chemical Society. Kramer has served on the technical advisory boards of DSM, Henkel, Abbott Vascular, Artificial Muscle Inc., Solaria and Mitsubishi Chemical.