Northern Ireland has announced revisions to the country’s Renewables Obligations (NIRO) scheme effective 1 April 2013.

The country will now offer higher support for energy generated from larger solar and biomass installations.

Northern Ireland Energy Minister Arlene Foster remarked that the revisions draw a distinction between building-mounted and ground-mounted solar projects.

Building mounted solar installations will receive better incentives under the new regime vis-à-vis ground mounted installations.

"The introduction of a specific banding level for building-mounted solar projects will create opportunities for factories and warehouses to consider solar technology as a way of generating their own power requirements," said Foster.

Large scale biomass combined heat and power (CHP) plants will also qualify for higher support from the government for six months longer than previously announced.

"The additional six month eligibility period for new large scale biomass CHP stations, which retains support at the current ROC level until 30 September 2015, provides certainty for investors in a technology which offers great potential in Northern Ireland," added Foster.