North Arrow Minerals has revealed new microdiamond results from the PK150 and PK312 kimberlites of the Pikoo Diamond Project in central eastern Saskatchewan, Canada.

The results are found from drill core samples recovered during the spring exploration drilling program of this year.

According to the firm, caustic fusion analyses of 323.02kg of kimberlite from PK150 have showed 487 diamonds larger than 0.106 mm sieve class, including nine diamonds greater than the 0.85mm sieve class.

Weakly magnetic transitional kimberlite found at the eastern end of PK150 has yielded diamond counts consistent with the remainder of the kimberlite.

A 14.5kg sample from hypabyssal kimberlite PK312 has yielded five diamonds, supporting the PK312 kimberlite dyke as diamond bearing.

Around 36% of the recovered diamonds are aggregates, 30% are octahedra, and 16% macles, while 78% of the diamonds are white in colour.

North Arrow Minerals president and CEO Ken Armstrong said: "These new diamond results from PK150 are consistent with those reported from the 2013 discovery drill holes and confirm PK150 as a significantly diamondiferous kimberlite with increasing size potential located less than 20km from road and power infrastructure in Saskatchewan."

A new kimberlite, PK311, was confirmed, increasing the number of discrete kimberlite occurrences within the Pikoo Project to seven.