NKT cables has delivered 72kV connectors to allow transmission of power from one of the two MHI Vestas V164 8MW prototype wind turbines at Maade, near Esbjerg on Denmark’s west coast.

The two turbines deliver power to about 18,000 Danish homes. 

The turbine is one of the first to make use of the 72kV connector, which was installed by VB-enterprise.

The E-module connector features a HV transformer and a new Mitsubishi 72kV gas-insulated switchgear to be connected to the local power grid.

A 400mm² 72kV HV cable from NKT cables was connected to the switchgear through the new outer cone cable connector type CB 72, which is made of silicone rubber, the company added.

nkt cables Specialties executive vice president Oliver Schlodder said: “I am very pleased that MHI Vestas has chosen nkt cables as supplier for this test installation.

“It is a recognition of our competences and leadership within medium- and high-voltage accessories and shows that our strategic focus on innovation and product development is right.”

The CB 72 is used for cables with cross-section ranging between 95mm2 and 1,200mm2 and it is part of the family of 72kV accessories including coupling connector CC 72, array cable transition box (ACTB) or termination THV 72 and joint SME 72 as well as inter array cables.

nkt cables medium-voltage accessories senior vice president Konstantin Kurfiss said: “The CB 72 connector, combined with our Array Cable Transition Box (ACTB), represents significant process efficiencies as it will be possible to energize the wind farm before all wind turbines are installed.

“That ensures our customers both an earlier utilization of investment and increased productivity compared with other solutions.”

Image: 72kV connector from ntk cables installed at MHI Vestas Maade project in Denmark. Photo: Courtesy of nkt cables group.