The state government of Ontario in Canada has announced the completion of Niagara Tunnel project to further the capacity of Sir Adam Beck Generating Station.

The new 10km-tunnel is expected to supply additional water from the Niagara River to flow to the Sir Adam Beck Generating Station at a rate of 500 m3 per second.

With the completion of this project, Ontario procures additional energy supply to facilitate 160,000 homes.

Commenting on the developments Minister of Energy Bob Chiarelli stated, "This project is a source of pride as an engineering feat and as a practical solution for meeting Ontario’s energy needs through clean sources.

"The completion of this project will provide Ontario with a source of clean energy for the next 100 years."

The tunnel as high as a four-storey building is touted as the largest hydroelectric project to come into service in the province for the past 50 years.